How To Propose To An Thane Escorts Girl?

Flirting, being friends or very good friends and going out on a special date with a girl all are very different situations from proposing a girl.

Men who are going to propose an Thane Escorts Girl should do this with utmost care. It hurts very much to get denial after proposing a girl. When it comes to proposing an Mumbai Loves Girls, men need to take several factors in to account. Here is a short guide to help you know the best way to propose an Thane Escorts.

Duration Of Your Relationship

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If you are friends with an Escorts in Thane Girl for just 1 or 2 weeks, do not propose her. Give time to your relationship so that it can grow. When a man, who knows a girl for a very short period of time proposes her the girl gets to know that the person is just fooling around. However, if you know a girl very well for many months then proposing seems acceptable.

The Quality Of Your Relationship

If you know a girl for a year but have spent only a few lonely moments with her then you should not propose her. Before proposing a girl think yourself that how it will appear to propose a girl whom you just don’t know very well. On the other hand, if you share a very enjoyable relationship with a girl then it will not appear abnormal to propose on your part. You need to understand that there should be strong reasons for your proposal. Only then the girl would trust you. It is very difficult for an Mumbai Escorts to understand that a man who does not know her well really has honest feeling for her.


Choose a day when you are on a date with your girl. Observe the mood of the girl whom you are going to propose. If the girl is in a bad mood then don’t propose her. You will suffer without any reason just because of wrong timing. Also, keep on giving hints about your proposal before really proposing a girl. This helps in creating a good platform before you really propose her.

The Style For Proposing An Thane girl

This is the most important part of proposing an Thane girl. Men should understand that there is no rigid style of proposing a girl. Every girl wishes to get proposed in a unique manner. Keep this in mind and propose her in your own unique style. Be creative and avoid copying someone else. Propose her in such manner that she feels like a princess or the most beautiful woman in the whole universe. Assure her that you will always take care of her and do anything for her happiness. Avoid proposing in a direct manner. It sounds boring and Thane girls would not like it. If they ask for some time to give response then give it to her Also, you don’t have another option. Remember that patience always pays.

Being Prepared Doing Your Home work could be the Difference Maker So, you are sure about getting your timing right and you have decided upon the style of proposing to your Thane girlfriend. However, an important question remains to be asked have you don’t your home work?

love Yes, this might sound a bit strange, but when proposing to a lady, it is vital that you come across as somebody who is seriously interested in her. This means having observed her closely and taking the initiative to find out more about her. If she is your colleague at the office, digging information about her likes and dislikes isn’t that difficult. If she is within your extended circle of friends, the task becomes even easier. When you propose to her, it should seem that you know about her preferences and her personality type.

thane escortsIs she the upfront type who has only dated bold, macho guys in the past? If yes, your style of proposing would be better off being quick and blunt about it. If she is the sporty types, it would be better if you propose going out on a small adventure trip as a part of the proposal or initiate the conversation with how you have always wanted to try rock climbing. This combination of asking her out and mentioning something that she really likes will make her think that yes, you do understand her and there is something common to build upon.

If she is the shy type, ensure that it doesn’t seem like you are hitting upon her. Before you actually propose, do some homework. Identify her closest friends. Send her some subtle reminders and teasers about the fact that you really like her. In this manner, you would have taken out the sting of shock or awe at the time of actually proposing to her. Think of this as establishing a reasonable base when proposing to an Thane Escorts Service.

Your Choice Of Words is Critical When Proposing

Even after the best of preparations, if you end up saying the wrong things at moment of proposing to an Thane girl, you are bound to make things difficult for yourself. Rather than leaving it all to spontaneity, it is better to being a bit prepared about how are going to put forth your proposal. The fact is that unless she is a total stranger to you, you don’t need to explain yourself to her. All you need to do is directly ask her out without using the words date. There is nothing wrong with using this word but it gives things a rather typical perception.

You are better off proposing in a manner that is both direct and a bit subtle. Your lines should include phrases like I have been observing you for a long time or I have a gut feeling that you wouldn’t mind going out with me. Don’t bombard her with flowers or gifts before actually saying something. That just seems like a lame attempt to melt her a bit before hitting her with the proposal. Being a bit apprehensive, anxious or even stammering a bit is not an issue as you say it. Don’t try to act too cool or someone you are not. Don’t behave like some overconfident schmuck who couldn’t care less.

Your Body Language Has To Be Confident And Suggestive

When you propose to an Thane girl or a lady from any part of the world for that matter, your body language makes a huge difference. If you are.

Naturally confident, most issues are resolved and you don’t need much help. If you are a bit apprehensive or unsure about her reaction, ensure you follow some basics. This includes, looking her in the eye when you propose to her. You should be facing her, without your hands in your pockets or waving around too much in the air. If you seem a bit vulnerable or emotional, it works towards your favor as it lends an emotional depth to your actions. If you tend to get tense when approaching such situations, just take 10 minutes to do some last minute preparations to keep yourself calm. This can include deep breathing and doing some neck rotations.

Tackling The Post Proposal Moments/Period

thane escortLet us assume the positive outcome of your proposal. Even then, it is not necessary that she outrightly says, yes. Most Thane women still carry a bit of coyness that makes them so unique. Her approval might be in the form of blinking her eyes and smiling. If she is the waiting type or wants to play the hard to get sort of games, she might tell you to wait for her phone call. The ideal way to handle the outcome of your proposal to an Thane girl is to give her time and not force the issue.

Don’t seek immediate answers. Don’t pressurize her into being very clear about her response. You need to understand that she might need a few moments to recollect herself. Yes, being spontaneous about the entire thing would be ideal but it isn’t bound to happen with every girl. So, allow her the liberty to handle things the way she wants. Don’t call her and ask for her impending answer. After having proposed to her, take a back step and allow fate to take its own course. Don’t approach the proposal with any fixed notions in your head, it is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario and hope for her immediate acceptance.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Proposing To An Thane Escort Girl

1. Always remember that an Thane girl, even if she is ultra modern would remain very much Thane at heart. So don’t rush with your proposal.

2. Get to know the likes and dislikes of the girl first before proposal.

3. Make sure she is not engaged to someone.

4. Relationships grow with time. Ideally, there should not be a need to tell a girl that you love her. Your actions and words should be sufficient to let her know about your feelings. But then it’s not an ideal world, isn’t it? Nurture your relationship with time before going ahead with your proposal.

5. Show your curiousness to know about her family and even share your family information with her. That would create a special bond which would come in handy while proposing to an Thane Escort girl.

6. Be friend with her friends to get an idea about people she loves to spend time with.

7. Show that you care for her and that she is someone special, unlike others.

8. Be sure that you are compatible with the girl you are going to propose.

9. Try to gauge her feelings by closely observing her and don’t make your feelings public before proposing to your girl.

10. And when you are absolutely sure that you want to grow old with her, then go ahead and utter those magical three words to her.

11. Don’t involve a third person in your scheme of things while proposing to an Thane Escorts girl. It’s a big NO, NO as it reflects your lack of courage. Always bear in mind that no girl would like to spend time with someone who doesn’t even have the courage to propose to her by himself.

12. Be confident and don’t panic.

13. It’s a big day, so put your best foot forward. Make sure you dress up accordingly.

14. The choice of words is very critical. A beforehand preparation is advised to make sure you cherish your proposal for the entire life.

15. Last but not the least, be creative and different. Apply your mind to make sure that your proposal be the first of its kind. The unique approach would definitely win over your girl.

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